My daughter Harper and I re-upped a French provincial desk and dresser we got from EBTH on the cheap, for her room. She is getting older, as she grows her need for clothing space grows with her. Every day, much to my chagrin, she is less and less a little girl, and more a growing adolescent. We decided her room needed to reflect that transition. This is what we did.

First we roughed it up with some 80 grit sand paper.

Then we primed it. It took about 3 coats. But, I git to use the new fangled paint sprayer we got at Amazon for the first time.It was AWESOME!!!! It’s cheap, and I recommend it to anyone who paints like this. It made the finish so much smoother. I saved so much time on buffing and sanding I couldn’t believe it! The one issue to watch out for is spraying to heavy in one spot, which can lead to drips. So maybe practice on a junk piece of wood or cardboard first like I did. Then, just take your time and do more, thin coats, instead of attempting 1 heavy one, which will drip.



Next, we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ because Harper lost interest by this point) I cut up fabric into strips and began laying them out along the bottom of the drawer and playing with the positioning of the tissue dots and fabric stripes. BTW, the fabric stripes were left over from a patchwork quilt I sewed for Harper. I’m not gloating here, her patchwork was quite literally different fabrics sewn together in straight lines. Pretty much everyone can sew in a straight line (sometimes it takes me a few to do it, but I persevere until it’s done, that’s the trick, nit giving up).

Once I decided on the placement, I began dipping the fabric strips into the Elmer’s glue /water decoupage container.

I use a Talenti Gelatto container because it’s delicious going down and it has a screw on lid so my decoupage stays fresh forever. The glue mixture is a ratio of about 1/2 & 1/2. I don’t really measure, I just pour water into the glue little by little, until I thin the glue a little bit.

I started laying each wet, gluey strip onto the drawer and used a small artist paint brush with the blunt edge to push the fabric into the corner of the divider. I also put extra glue on the other end of the strip where the fabric will be taking wear and tear as the drawer is pulled out and pushed in.





I put the drawers in the order they would be when they were in the desk and dresser that way I could see exactly how they would look. I realized the top drawer needed a something, so I glued some tissue dots on them as well around the center.



The raspberry paint is chalkboard paint. I put it on each side of both the desk and dresser, as well as a few of the drawer faces. I just love any artisitic medium that lets you erase and start again.


Here they are in her very small room. She loves them and feels really grown up now with her own desk in her room.

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