Here is another fantastic find on EBTH. But, I wasn’t happy with the look and wanted to try my hand at decoupaging. I found a gorgeous Waverley fabric at Joann Fabrics and I made this my first project.

I sanded and filled with wood putty where needed.

Then added a few coats of primer.

I painted all the drawers in the light paint I had color matched to the fabric at Home Depot.

I measured, taped and painted the 2 drawers I was going to add stripes to.

Not perfect. I went back in with a fine brush and cleaned up those lines with light paint.


I used a black enamel paint for the body of the dresser. I added about 3 coats and buffed between each coat. When I say buff, I mean light pressure for a long time. That’s how I got the shine.

I buffed, with 0000 steel wool  that I would dip in soapy water, lightly on the first 2 coats. But, on the 3rd, I buffed until my arms felt like they were going to fall off.  When you start buffing you feel like you are making the whole thing duller, but you have to keep going and soon you will see the shine begin. Buffing is just scratching finely. Just don’t over work any one spot.


I positioned the material where I wanted it and soaked it with the  decoupage mixture of Elmers and water.


I added multiple coats of glue. Because it was winter, one coat I added in the garage dried opaque. I thought it was ruined. But, because glue is water-based, i just rubbed the drawers with some warm water and it reactivated and I was able to thin it out. Thank god!

I used a scalpel to cut the decoupaged fabric once it was completely dried.


Here is the finished product. It’s one of the prettiest dressers I’ve ever seen. I was going to sell it, but as of yet no takers. It is hard to find a place for a dresser that already has a design I guess. Maybe I’ll redecorate my bedroom. lol

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