When I first started baking I followed directions to the T. Scrambling to this just so and to make that perfect. Then I realized, I’m not a pastry chef! I don’t care it it’s perfect, I just want it to be good! Once I did that, I began shortcutting some steps in recipes; such as ‘put dough in clean bowl’. That seemed crazy to me! Why would I dirty another bowl? I don’t want to clean another bowl! So, I didn’t, I now use the same bowl I mixed the dough in to raise the dough, especially because, if the dough is mixed properly, the bowl should be pretty clean anyway. If there is some dough on the side, I just oil right over it. The dough doesn’t care and it doesn’t seem to change the taste profile either way, so one less step is good to me

Then there was measuring. The American version of scooping and leveling to get volume measurements is riddled with possible errors. Some pack more in the scoop others less, etc. And, more importantly, I’m lazy and don’t want to wash an extra spoon (used to scoop) or knife (used to level) if I don’t have to.

So, I bought a digital scale . Now I mass all of my dry ingredients. Because it has a bowl, I can add all of my dry ingredients directly to it, zeroing out between additions, for most of my recipes. It is so much easier and leads to way more consistent results.


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